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Bioinformatics for PhD students I, Data analysis in python (SoSe)

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Date Topic
19.04.24 Command Line I, Dateistrukturen (use i.e. gene/count tables..)
26.04.24 Command Line II, Dateistrukturen (also learn to start Jupyter)
03.05.24 Python Grundlagen I
10.05.24 Python Grundlagen I revision
17.05.24 Python Grundlagen II
24.05.24 Holiday
31.05.24 Holiday
07.06.24 numpy, pandas
14.06.24 seaborn / matplotlib, z.B. Volcano plots, heat maps
21.06.24 scanPy I - QC, preprocessing
28.06.24 scanPy II – clustering, UMAP, k-means Algorithmus
05.07.24 scanPy III
12.07.24 Tooling: Git / Gitlab,
19.07.24 Visual Code, Conda, snakemake, Jupyter
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Contact: Prof. Dr. Michael Rehli (, Dr. Nicholas Strieder (
RIGeL CPs: 1 CP as Method Course