BioMediGS- Biomedical International Graduate School

Biomedicine is a fascinating branch of human biology. Its goal is the improvement of clinical practice with molecular biological achievements. The PhD students of the BIOMEDIGS graduate program are working on the elucidation of various pathophysiological processes. These attempts lead to a better understanding of the molecular cause for the pathogenesis of diseases and potentially to new diagnostic tools and therapeutic options.


Biomedical International Graduate School (BioMediGS)

The Biomedical International Graduate School (BIOMEDIGS) of the University of Regensburg was founded to facilitate students in the field of Life Science to receive a PhD in questions of clinical relevance on an advanced level. It provides an education rich in state-of-the-art methods and up-to-date concepts of biomedicine.

The PhD students graduate on the basis of a PhD program and regular consultation with their mentoring team to qualify the students for independent and good scientific research. The aim of the graduate program is to provide the students with the necessary knowledge, intellectual capability and technical skills to conduct outstanding research in a wide range of biological and biomedical areas.

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