Summer Academy

What we provide

We organize the annual RIGeL-BioMediGS Summer Schools where PhD students from all RIGeL Sections and the BioMediGS graduate school of the University Hospital are participating.

This entails:

choice of venue,

elaboration of the scientific program (poster sessions, talk sessions),

search for sponsorship,

invitation of external speakers,

choice and booking of team events,

support the implementation on site.


As a member of our group you get experience in

event organization,

drafting sponsorship contracts,


participants management,

creation of evaluations etc.


Would you like to help organize the largest annual event of RIGeL and be part of a motivated and committed group of PhD students?

Then join the Summer School group!


Group members

Lena Aschenbrenner - Section CBB (since September 2023)

Julia Dörr - Section CBB (since September 2023)

Ricardo Farrera Muro - Section CBB (since March 2023)

Janina Herold - Section Biomed (since September 2023)

Jasmin Karreis - Section Neurobio (since September 2023)

Hanna Markusch - Section CBB (since July 2022)

Kira-Julia Stanzick - BIOMEDIGS (since February 2022)


Contact us

If interested come and join us!
Contact: or



RIGeL Summer Schools 2024:



19.-21.06.2024 | Monastery of Ensdorf

19.-21.09.2024 | Monastery of Niederalteich


Registration period:  11.-28.03.2024


Registration link:


waiting list for Ensdorf (June):

waiting list for Niederalteich (September):


Further information:

This year's first Summer School will take place from Wednesday (!), 19 to Friday (!), 21 June 2024 in the monastery of Ensdorf (, the second one from 19 to 21 September 2024 in the monastery of Niederalteich ( ).

The registration period for both Summer Schools will be from 11 to 28  March 2024. RIGeL PhD students, who have started their PhD earlier than July 2022, have the chance to register first for one of the both Summer Schools from 26 February to 10 of March 2024. Please note, that only PhD students already accepted for RIGeL can register for the Summer Schools! Due to the limited places in both Summer Schools we also kindly ask you to register only for one of the Summer Schools!

During registration you can choose, in which Summer School you want to participate. Each section has a limited contingent of places according to the size of the section. If the places of your section are fully booked, please register in the waiting list below the registration link! During registration please take care of the correct choice of your section!!! and the participation form! The registration is on a first come, first served basis.

Please send your abstract (max. 1500 characters in a Word file!) for poster and talk (10 min + 5 min discussion) until 17 May 2024 for the June Summer School and until 16 August 2024 for the September Summer School to

Like in the last years all RIGeL sections will have joint Summer Schools, including PhD students of BioMediGS (Biomedical International Graduate School of the University Hospital). These should increase the interaction between the sections and the both graduate schools and will help you to meet new people as well as get insight to new scientific areas. Since there will be participants from all different sections of RIGeL, please try to keep your talks and posters as general and easy to understand as possible!

In the Summer Schools you will have the opportunity to get an overview of the different groups of the CBB, Biomedicine, Neurobiology and MEE sections of RIGeL as well as the BioMediGS graduate school of the Medical Faculty, exchange data and get new inputs and ideas for your projects. In both Summer Schools we will have guest speakers who will give an insight in their career path and job experience after their PhD or give a talk on a topic of general interest. Moreover, in a relaxed environment you can practice to present your data, to review others and to chair a scientific session. Thus, besides the presentation of your projects you will be given the opportunity to be chairpersons of scientific sessions. The chairpersons will be drawn by lot among all participants. Besides from scientific exchange participants will get to know each other more personally.

On the first day of the first Summer School a team event will be offered. We will have a canoe tour on the Vils. In the Summer School in September we will have different team games distributed throughout the entire Summer School.

Please remember that every PhD student has to participate actively in two RIGeL Summer Schools (1x poster, 1x talk or 2x talk) during her/his PhD in order to get the required RIGeL credit points.

A bus transfer will be organized for both Summer Schools. Please note that even participants of the Summer Schools who do not want to attend the team event in June have to arrive at the Summer School venue at latest in the afternoon on the first day. A travel by private car cannot be reimbursed!

We are looking forward to seeing you in one of our Summer Schools!

Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.



RIGeL Summer Schools 2025:



26.-28.06.2025 | Monastery of Ensdorf

18.-20.09.2025 | Monastery of Ensdorf


Registration will be available here end of March/beginning of April 2025.