Molecular Ecology & Evolution

The section Molecular Ecology and Evolution (MEE) is dedicated to modern organismic biology.  The MEE section combines manifold state-of-the-art molecular and chemical techniques with classical methods of field ecology and behavioral biology. The goal is to understand why some plants and animals thrive in their habitats, whereas others become extinct; why animals behave and interact as they do, and how organisms cope with biotic and abiotic challenges to ensure their survival and reproductive success in an ever-changing environment.

The MEE section currently comprises more than 30 PhD students working on projects that address evolutionary and ecological questions at any level, from genes and genomes via gene products, to entire organisms and ecosystems. A comprehensive understanding of the ecological framework and the selective forces that have shaped the tremendous diversity of life on earth is a prerequisite for conserving biodiversity and sustaining ecosystem functions.


Below you will find a list of the divisions in which RIGeL students of the MEE section perform their PhD projects.



Plant Evolution and Systematics


Chemical Ecology

Evolutionary Ecology