Submission of thesis

At the end of your PhD, you will be required to apply for dissertation admission at the Biology and Preclinical Medicine Faculty Administration Office.

Information sheet submission of thesis

Dissertation procedure

Update your profile and digital RIGeL Leistungsheft in the RIGeL Members Area.

Let your Attendance Forms and Research Report Forms signed or make sure that you have other confirmations/certificates of your achievements. Upload the protocols of your Research Reports to your RIGeL profile. Make an appointment with one of the RIGeL Manangement Assistants. If the requirements are fulfilled, she will sign your RIGeL Leistungsheft. The RIGeL Leistungsheft must be submitted afterwards together with your thesis.


Further required documents for submission:

 Application for submission of thesis (1st page of the document)

Declaration in lieu of oath (2nd page of the document)

Composition of the examination committee (3rd page of the document). Choose the members of your thesis committee (examination board). We suggest that the mentoring team is also the thesis committee. However, the external mentor cannot be the third examiner on the thesis committee; this is excluded by the doctoral regulations. The external mentor can only be the second PhD assessor. Mentors from the University Hospital are already external.

Current CV

Valid contract of employment with the university (NOT with the university hospital!) and a simple copy of the birth certificate OR valid certificate of good conduct (certificate of good conduct for official purposes). You have to apply for the certificate of good conduct in the Bürgerzentrum of Regensburg (only with residence in Regensburg!). The certificate has to be sent directly to the Faculty Administration Office NOT to the home address! (see template here: Führungszeugnis Antrag Regensburg). Please note the the certificate of good conduct is only valid for 3 months!

5 copies of your thesis.
Please note that after your defense you will need additional 6 copies for the deposit copies for the central library (in total 11 copies of the thesis).

Please submit your thesis together with the further required documents at the Biology and Preclinical Medicine Faculty Administration Office: Deadlines for submission

For submission of the thesis please make an appointment with Claudia Kusch via email Submission of thesis without an appointment is not possible.


Katharina Hirsch
Room: DE.1.101
Phone: +49 941 943-3110



Claudia Kusch / Saskia Böttinger
Room: DE.1.103
Phone: +49 941 943-3203

The Doctoral Committee will decide whether you are admitted for dissertation: Dates of meetings.


Formal requirements

The dissertation has to be submitted as a bounded manuscript (DIN A4; double-sided print allowed) and contain:

Citations within the text must be made clearly recognizable.

Dissertation can be submitted in German or in English. Dissertations submitted in a third language require doctoral committee approval.


Further requirements when chapters are identical with published manuscripts:

declaration previous to the table of contents from which manuscripts the thesis is composed of and in case of published or submitted manuscripts with several authors about the personal contribution of the PhD student

general introduction and discussion for all chapters of the thesis

collective bibliographical references for all chapters

consistent formatting

journal references of published manuscripts

at least one first authorship in at least one accepted manuscript


Abandonment of thesis

PhD students abandoning their PhD thesis are required to inform the RIGeL Management Office as well as the Biology and Preclinical Medicine Faculty Administration Office.