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Project "Schulbesuch"

What we provide/ Information for RIGeL PhD students

With the Student Lab Project (Schülerlabor), we bring science to schools, motivating young people to start a career in science with simple yet fascinating experiments. Experiments feature, among others, DNA isolation, PCR and gel electrophoresis.

Two PhD-students will be in charge of preparing and supervising experiments. Materials and machines are provided by the university and have to be brought to the school, where experiments should be carried out in a suitable environment.

Schools should apply for this day and date. Experiments are then individually planned.

Furthermore, one PhD-student, or professor if available, should give a talk (45 min) on a current scientific topic, which can be discussed with the students afterwards.

Those PhD students who take part in this project will receive credits points for their RIGeL Leistungsheft.


Information for interested schools

The Student Lab Project brings Life Science to schools and enables them to carry out experiments at their own facilities.

We offer experiments that can be executed in schools facilities, providing scientific insight. Potential experiments include isolation of own genomic DNA, amplification of a DNA segment using PCR, visualization of DNA via gel electrophoresis, transformation of E.coli and so on.

Furthermore, there is the possibility of a scientific talk (45 min) in which a current topic is discussed with the students.

Experiments are supervised by two RIGeL PhD students, who will provide the necessary equipment to carry out the experiments.


What to  expect


What to consider

If you want to take advantage of this unique opportunity, please send an email requesting an appointment. The ensuing personal contact will set the date and content of the event.



Our group members

Babl Sabrina - Section CBB (since September 2020)

Fabian Simone - Section CBB (since February 2021)

Heiß Florian Benedikt - Sektion CBB (since February 2019)

Heizler Kevin - Section CBB (since February 2022)

Holzinger Jonas - Section Biomed (since January 2020)

Jüttner Michael - Sektion CBB (since March 2019)

Kruse Sebastian - Section CBB (since January 2020)

Mayer Benedikt - Section CBB (since November 2021)

Meindl Andreas - Section CBB (since July 2021)

Molthoff Carolin - Section CBB (since June 2022)

Neumeier Julia - Section CBB (since June 2022)

Sax Julian - Section Biomed (since April 2021)

Schöfer Nils - Section MEE (since June 2022)

Schwank Katrin - Section CBB (since March 2019)

Seitz Patricia - Section CBB (since July 2021)


Contact us

If interested please contact us!


Our activities:


Kooperationsvertrag mit Ortenburg-Gymnasium Oberviechtach



Schülerin des Ortenburg-Gymnasiums trifft Nobelpreisträger Robert Huber



Genetik-Praktikum am Ortenburg-Gymnasium Oberviechtach

Schulbesuch in Traunreuth

Schülerlabortag am Donau-Gymnasium in Kelheim



Kooperationsvertrag mit dem Donau-Gymnasium Kelheim



Nacht.Schafft.Wissen. Regensburg

Schülerlabortag am Donau-Gymnasium in Kelheim



Girls' Day

Genetik-Praktikum im Werner-von-Siemens Gymnasium Regensburg

Genetik-Praktikum am Gymnasium Neutraubling

Genetik-Praktikum am Donau-Gymnasium Kelheim



Genetik-Praktikum am Donau-Gymnasium Kelheim

Genetik-Praktikum am Gymnasium Neutraubling

Boys' Day

Kooperationsvertrag mit dem Johann-Michael-Fischer-Gymnasium Burglengenfeld



Boy's Day

Genetik-Praktikum am Donau-Gymnasium Kelheim

Gentik-Praktikum am Johann-Michael-Fischer-Gymnasium Burglengenfeld

Genetik-Praktikum am Gymnasium Neutraubling



Nacht.Schafft.Wissen. Regensburg

Genetik-Praktikum am Donau-Gymnasium Kelheim

Gentik-Praktikum am Johann-Michael-Fischer-Gymnasium Burglengenfeld

Genetik-Praktikum am Gymnasium Neutraubling



Gentik-Praktikum am Johann-Michael-Fischer-Gymnasium Burglengenfeld



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